Data Management

In any business, the data that is generated, maintained and administered is of the utmost importance.  A good strategy for backing such data up and for recovering it in the event of an emergency is therefore essential. Glenconsult IT Services offer backup support in several customisable solutions for backing up and for recovering sensitive corporate data such as emails, corporate databases and files of all descriptions.

Glenconsult IT Services can:

    * Set up unobtrusive local hardware in the company premises that will backup data nightly.  This data will also be copied to a handheld unit, that can be kept off premises or in a fire safe to protect it
    * We can also offer a fully remote backup service.  By creating a remote link between our secure and fault tolerant systems, we can backup your data in an encrypted form (only accessible by your employees) on our servers.

In either case, the data can be recovered and restored back into the corporate environment if ever the business suffers a local hardware failure or a software attack from a virus or hacker.

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