Network Support

Network Support is essential for any business.  Our customised Windows and Unix solutions help businesses to effectively manage their productivity and to securely administer their sensitive data.

A well-designed and robust network is essential for any company these days.  Every company needs their computers to be networked in order to backup their data securely and to be able to continue to function in the event of a software or hardware failure.    A well thought out network also allows a business to keep constant and real time access to its email and to manage its files in a secure and efficient manner.

Benefits of a well-configured Network

A business can greatly improve both internal and external communication by networking their computers and working on properly configured systems.  A good network can offer the following benefits to a business:

    * Employees, suppliers and customers are allowed to share information and to communicate more easily
    * Networking information increases productivity - e.g. networked access to a common database avoids the same data being keyed multiple times, which would waste time and often result in errors
    * Employees are better able to deal with problems and deliver a better standard of service as a result of sharing customer data

A good network reduces costs and improves efficiency by storing information and hardware centrally.  This means that:

    * Employees can administer more customers in a shorter period of time by accessing customer and product databases
    * Outgoings are reduced by sharing such hardware as printers, scanners and external discs, not to mention Internet access
    * A reduction in errors is an immediate benefit of staff working from a single centralised file source

Glenconsult IT Services approach each network installation or re-design, by first discussing what exactly a business needs from a network, before putting together a plan of action in order to best achieve these requirements.

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