IT Consultants and IT Support providers can be a great help with software choice and installation.  Choosing the correct software for your business can be difficult. Of course every company needs a good word processing package (usually Microsoft Word) and a good application for keeping an eye on your figures (usually Microsoft Excel), but what else do you need?

Glenconsult IT Services have years of experience choosing, installing, configuring and maintaining software of all kinds. From Database applications, such as Microsoft Access and Oracle, to accounting packages such as Sage. We can help you to choose the right software for your environment and then train your employees how to make the most out of it. We can then maintain this software and repair it if it ever encounters problems.

Below are a few examples of applications that Glenconsult IT Services could install, configure and maintain for you. There are however many more. Most customisable to your specific needs.



What it does

Microsoft Office

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Database creation

Lotus Notes

An alternative to Microsoft.  This application is for:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Database creation

Windows Small Business Server

A networked server environment, allowing your business to:

  • Create and administer email accounts, with calendar and address books
  • Store your files and documents in a centralised shared folder
  • Roll out and update anti-virus software throughout your company with the click of a button

CVS Document Repository

This software allows your company to:

  • Control, update and manage changes to all of your files, folders and documents
  • Track the history of changes that have been made to earlier versions of documents and files
  • Roll back to earlier editions of a modified document

Sage Accounting

The many versions of Sage (including Lone 50) allow a business to:

  • Manage it’s cash flow
  • Keep track of it’s paid and unpaid invoices
  • Manage it’s payroll


This is an excellent tool for creating, modifying, linking and administering databases of information

SEVEN Always-On Mail

An excellent mobile email tool that allows you to do all of the following from pretty much any mobile phone or PDA:

  • Read, reply to and delete work emails
  • Create and view calendar appointments and create meeting requests
  • View your work contacts and create new ones

Adobe Photoshop

A great tool for creating, viewing and modifying images

Blackberry server

If your company requires the creation of a Blackerry infrastructure in order to deploy the Blackberry mobile email solution to your employees, then we can do that for you

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